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16 Tips to keep your home and yourself healthy this Winter…

                    16 Tips to keeping your home and yourself healthy this Winter.

  1. In the Bedroom-Wash your sheets weekly. This helps you not only feel better and who does not like clean sheets? Washing weekly helps to limit the about of accumulated cooties that have been embedded to your sheets. 
  2. In the Bedroom-If possible use Pillow Case Covers and take off and wash weekly as well. 
  3. The whole house, room by room-Open your windows and air out your home. (If its not too cold, you can do this for 15 minutes. This is recommend to do this 1 time a week
  4. Sanitize your remote controls with a sanitizing wipes
  5. Sanitize your cel phone with alcohol wipes
  6. Sanitize your key boards on your computer with alcohol wipes. YOU will be surprised how dirty your keyboard actually is. 
  7. Kitchen-Use your dishwasher if you have one; this kills germs by the millions. Remember to throw the dishwasher pod into the bottom of dishwasher.
  8. Kitchen-Throughly cleaning your kitchen Sink. Your kitchen sink has more germs in it than your toilet! So do this weekly.
  9. Kitchen-Ice makers and water distribution areas should be washed at least weekly, if not monthly. Many times my employee’s go out on deep cleanings, and this area is slimy to the touch.
  10. Bathroom-If you don’t have time to clean your bathroom, pour liquid bleach inside to give it a quick cleaning. Carefully swirl around inside of bowl with toilet brush and flush (Do not do this if you are on septic!)
  11. Bathroom-change out your bathroom towels weekly. 
  12. Wipe off all high traffic areas with soap and water, do daily if someone is sick in the home. (Switch plates, Stair railings, door handles, backs of dinning room chairs)
  13. Cover your mouth when you sneeze and use hand sanitizer if you don’t have time to wash them. 
  14. Change out your tooth brush if you have been sick, don’t want to throw it out? Throw into dishwasher and wash. (Careful it could melt-Top Rack only)
  15. Take a probiotic and vitamin C daily. 
  16. If you are sick, stay home, the rest of us don’t want to catch your cooties. :

We do offer a sheet change service, if you are unable to get this important task done yourself. And we will be more than happy to get you on our schedule. 

And we also offer Laundry and Lite Cleaning Service. This is meant as a supplemental service for regular cleaning clients.

Many blessings,

Shannon Miller @

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The Day that I touched Pee…

Just realize…that…I…seriously…know that most of you won’t intentionally go out and touch pee, unless of course you are doing Urinalysis for a living. (Can you say drug test, maybe hundreds of them day in and day out. Who knows maybe it’s thousands?)

Then and I am hoping only then you are going to touch pee just about everyday, with or without gloves! 

-I am secretly hoping that you do choose gloves or wash your hands a lot! 

Remember… it’s the H-a-p-p-y B-i-r-t-h-d-a-y that you sing to yourself when washing those 10 digits. 

But lets say hypothetically that you did touched pee, in it’s congealed yet, sort of, crystalized form because the person giving you the grand tour of their shared office space didn’t understand what it could possibly be, as she shrugs her shoulders up and down, in between the pops of the gum in her mouth that she is partially chewing.

And it’s only after that initial touch this mystery item you suddenly recollect that the normal safety gear that you keep hand for such occasions is off in your other vehicle sitting pretty at the dealer waiting to be serviced.  

So no disposable gloves, no Pee Light (Ultra-Violet!)

And then you settle up all your resolve, take a deep breath, as you are listening to this person continually parrot the same sentence over and over again. “What do you think it is?”

Silence…(At least 10 seconds of it! )

You squat down to evaluate the situation. You can see that there is a very large-dark-colored-U that tracks from one bathroom to the other bathroom as they sit side by side down the hallway. 

And as you get closer you get that distinct smell of urine that has been sitting for a very long time, and now realize it is Urine that is being masked by all that Febreeze that slapped you in the face as you walked into the front entrance of this office space!

You got all this of course… after you had already reached down to touch the crystalized yellow/orange goo with your finger tips…

In a timid voice, the tour guide asks one last time,  “What do you think it is?”

“Well it looks like your current cleaners are not mopping the bathrooms floors at all, maybe at least a year or so, and it looks like you guys have tracked this all over the office. See those flip flops for casual Friday.

But for sure, this appears to be Urine, in is congealed form. Would you like to shake hands?” 

-I did this with my best poker face in place…I just could not resist.

She gave me the, I ate something very sour face, then shook her head from left to right and then declined my offer of a hand shake.  

I then step over the Giant U and head for the RV Sink to wash my hands as best I could.  Needless to say…I didn’t get the job. LOL!!!

By the way the current cleaning company had been cleaning this building for over 5 years 🙂

Proudly Servicing Yavapai County, AZ
Does your cleaning company give you the Gold Star Treatment?
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How to clean Brass Fittings on Furniture.

By Shannon Lee Ann Miller

To see the video click here

First of all, let me preface this type of cleaning like this…

I know that I should not have cleaned the brass fittings on this piece of furniture.

Yes, I know that it is an antique.

And no, I am not looking for any hate mail from anyone at Antique Road Show or any of those loyal followers. 

I- really-do-like-Antique-Road-Show.

What I wanted to show you is that I can take one for the team and show you some short cuts that the directions on the bottle don’t tell you to do for this type of cleaner. 

For this example we used Weiman’s Brass Cleaner. 

I chose this cleaner because it comes as a soft-scrub-type paste. Because other cleaners on the market tend to be a bit runny, I didn’t want to chance ruining the carpeting where this piece sits. 

And as I was not going to carry this piece of furniture all the way downstairs to work on cleaning the fixtures. This soft paste type cleaner made it easier for this particular job. 

Besides, we still have the freedom of choice and YOU can choose the right metal cleaner that is good for your situation.

We also used the following for this project:

old towels

old tooth brush 

old glass bowl 

some shelf liner that you can buy at Costco.  

This way you can protect your flooring/carpeting from getting any chemical on it. 🙂

As you can see from the video and photos provided this took several “sessions” of applying the product and buffing it off. Some of the brass fittings took just a couple of sessions, others took up to 8-9 sessions. And for those of you that are handy with the power tools, this cleaning was done by hand to show what it would be like for someone who doesn’t own a power tool and has a just the basics. This product does have a strong smell to it. So please open a window for ventilation. 

  1. Apply product, let dry (3-5 minutes)
  2. Buff off with a clean towel-as directions indicate
  3. See results, then use the tooth brush method to get the rest of product off.
  4. Dry with another clean cloth
  5. Check out your results.
  6. Repeat

( My project took 8 sessions for each side, as there were 2 door panels. So I repeated steps 1-6, 8 times. Total time for this project 1.5 hours) 

TIP: At the start of this project put plastic liner first, then old towel on top of plastic liner. 

You don’t want to damage the floor. 🙂

Before and After with Brass Cleaning on Furniture
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How to clean and organize your closet on a budget

closet organization

By Shannon Lee Ann Miller

When we were looking to purchase a home, my very first request was that I would have a walk-in closet. LOL!

I can certainly walk into this one but it’s pretty small for a walk in. It only measures 4×6. It’s also a traditional lay out. One shelf, up high, on 3 sides with a door.  

And one day very soon, I would love to have other accouterments, such as more shelves, cubbies and poles attached to the wall for better organization. This is on the Honey-Do-list. 

I have come to realize that having a smaller closet forces me to do-a-purge every quarter. And now realize that this is a good thing.

So this year I decided that I would get a jump on my “Spring Cleaning” by giving you some guide lines on how to clean, organize and of course purge things that you also no longer fit, want or need. These things can go to the charity of your choice for someone else to enjoy or you can give them to you bff. 

You will need the following supplies:



Dish Soap

Vacuum-with edger attachment

Step ladder

Long mirror 

Old blanket or sheet

Trash bags

To be continued at

Estimated time to do this project 2 hours. 

1. Start by spreading an old blanket or sheet onto your bed (This prevents the dust, if any from landing onto your current bedding 🙂

2. You will also need a long wardrobe mirror. If you don’t already have one you can purchase one pretty cheaply at Walmart or Target or just walk back and forth to the bedroom and bathroom. What ever is easier. 

3. Remove all items from top shelf, place on floor.

4. Remove all hanging items from all, place on bed. These should be places according to style, blouses, skirts, pants, dresses sweaters etc.

5. Remove all baskets, shoes, boots etc from the floor of closet, place in separate group pile.

6. Take a bucket of H20 and a few drops of dish soap and a micro-fiber or old rag if you don’t have on. And wipe down all shelving, poles, hooks, I usually use just a micro-fiber cloth. 

7. If the bottom of you closet is carpeted like mine, take edger attachment and vacuum edges of carpeted area, then vacuum main carpeted area.

8. Place a full length mirror inside of area, if you have one.

9. I usually start with blouses. As you can see from the photo that I provided from my own closet that I usually group my clothing together Retail-Style, sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves, you will also notice that they are grouped by colors, White, Beige or Off-White, Black, Gray, Pinks, Purples, Reds, Greens, Blues (as I am a fan of blues, they usually go from lights to darks with Navy blues at the end.) As I am getting ready to put things back. 

10. Important! Purge as you go…I place each wearable item in front of me to see if I am still interested in holding on to the item. My rule for this, is that if I have not worn the item in the last 12 months. Then it’s time for it to go so that someone else might enjoy it. (My only exception to this is if it’s something sentimental such as a wedding dress, or vintage cashmere sweaters.) 

11. Once you get the items that you are keeping in a pile, then walk over to your closet, place those items back inside of closet. Decide where you are going to place those blouses, is it to the left, to the right or in my case, as I wear mostly blouses they were placed in the center of my closet. 

12. As you do this process, immediately take the items that you no longer want, remove off of hanger and immediately place into a large trash bag. (So you don’t go back on your initial decision and decide to keep said item)

13. They move on to dresses, jackets, pants and in my case boots/shoes 🙂

14. When you are done take items to thrift-store for donation. Be sure to get a receipt so you can write off on you taxes. (Talk with your accountant to see if this is an option for you.) 

If in Arizona, for convenience I have listed some of the charities that I currently use. I have a preference of wanting to help as many animals and if they are closed on the day that I choose to donate, I will pick another one from the list below. Check your local search engine for locations of places that you would like to contribute to. 

My number one pick is…Noah Foundation-No website, No facebook page-Supports Animals here locally in my community. I usually go to them first if I am on that side of town. There address is 603 South Granite Street, Prescott, AZ 86303

closet organization
Cow Girl Closet!
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To sponge or not to sponge….

To sponge or not to sponge…that is the question?
Shannon Miller

Today’s modern sponges, mostly synthetic in nature, did not take hold into American Culture until the late 60’s and early 70’s.

One of many of my childhood recollections, as I always got stuck doing the dinner dishes, (my brother always had the trash duty) was a square, potholder shaped sponge that was weaved from whatever rags we had lying around.

My first “real” sponge did not come on the scene of my dish washing escapades until I was 10, even though I am sure they were around way before that, as many of my friends who also got stuck with “dish duty” already had sponges by then.
I remember was amazed I was at the soap suds capacity, as it took way less soap to wash those dishes, making my required task effortless. This also made my mother happy as I no longer had to use so much dish soap to do the same amount of dishes.

After a while, I did notice one thing, the dish sponge did not smell so nice and would be ultimately tossed into the trash. This did not make my mother happy as she did not like wasting money.

And it took some convincing for her to allow me to keep using the dish sponge, at a cost to her budget, even though she didn’t like the smell.

Case in point, there were still a few of my friends mother’s who refused to move along into “new” and “improved” way of doing dishes and continued to use the weaved rag method, but noticeably they were methodical by always making sure that they hung those weaved dish cloths to dry, after each use, on a hook the was attached to a kitchen cabinet or outside with the wash that then was hung to dry.

So my question is…Do we really still need a sponge for dishwashing/cleaning? And if that’s the case, how can I keep it from smelling and subsequently germ free?

Top 5 uses of the household sponge:

1. Washing the dishes-Fondly known as “dish duty” in most households.
2. Cleaning the sink
3. Wiping off the kitchen counters
4. Cleaning the stovetop
5. Cleaning the gasket inside of the garbage disposal

There are literally hundreds of uses for the household sponge!

How do you sanitize your sponge?

Next time you are at the kitchen sink, pick up your kitchen sponge and smell it. If it is odorless, then you are good to go. If it has a musky smell or some other foul smell. It may be time to sanitize it.

Simple methods to sanitize your kitchen sponge:

1. Microwave it. Take your sponge, make it wet, (put enough water inside of the sponge, so that it does not catch on fire) place on a plate and microwave for 30 seconds. Be careful when picking it up out of the microwave, as it will be hot. Smell it, if it still smells. REPEAT the process for another 30 seconds. This will kill any germs and take the smell out. I will usually clean my microwave at this point with the sponge. Rinse then repeat. Completing twos kitchen tasks at the same time.
2. Toss your dish sponge into the dishwasher, next time you run the dish washer. This is my favorite method of sanitation and by far the easiest.
3. Toss your kitchen sponge into the wash when you are doing a load of laundry or when you wash your kitchen towels. If you are like me and use lot’s kitchen towels.
4. Sanitize with bleach, take wet sponge, drop a cap full into the sponge, let sit for 10-30 seconds, rinse. If you fail to rinse, you will be spreading bleach all over yourself and your kitchen. And ultimately it will eat your sponge. Not my favorite method. I have ruined more than one pair of pants doing this.

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Kleaning Tool Tuesdays 08.14.18

In today’s episode we discuss the importance of having a color coded toothbrush for cleaning the area around the toilet seat. Red is for Toilet’s only, Blue is for everything else!

Check out

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Kleaning Tool Tuesday 08.07.18

In today’s episode we discuss how to really use that pumice stone on your toilet.

Tune in every Tuesday to see what cleaning implement we use to make your job easier.

Subscribe to our channel and like our facebook page for further updates.

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Why going to at least one trade show and at least one seminar in your industry,per annual year is good for you…

Why going to at least one trade show and at least one seminar in your industry, per annual year is good for you…

issa badge
My badge info for the show 🙂

This year I was fortunate enough to attend the ISSA Interclean North America

(,) September 11-14th, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had been wanting to attend for quite some time and this year the show was close enough for me to drive, stay a couple of days and come back home to Arizona.  And I did all of this with my two toddler grand children in tow and my better half. (They hung out in the pool, while I ran around educating myself 🙂

For those who have not been to The Las Vegas Convention Center, it is approximately 3.2 million feet, with exhibit space of approximately 2 million square feet. So wear comfortable shoes, and don’t bother going to the gym on those days. I think I walked about 5 miles for the short time that I was there on the first day.

ground floor, issa
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV


If you do choose to attend this show, I recommend taking the “First Time Attendee” orientation and the mini tour right after the orientation, it is provided by a staff member of ISSA, even though she walked a bit fast, she did point out places of interest, so that I at least had some sort of direction to head off to when the tour was over. For completing the Grand Tour, our guide, gave us each a drink token for us to visit the bar on the show floor.

Walking tour before the show opened, on ground level of ISSA-Interclean-Las Vegas, NV.

This year was also the first year for ISSA to have and exclusive area, dedicated to house cleaning so I was sure to hit every booth in that section specifically. And as I wandered around the rest of the show floor I realized just how international this show really was, there was a representative from most larger countries and a couple of small ones as well.

Mullet Vacuum Guy

During my wander lust, I even got the opportunity to visit some regular brands that my company currently uses. It was  as it was nice to see the faces rather than that of a chemical bottle and to see what was up and coming in the industry in general.

I am still looking for a natural chemical company who is interested in private labeling with me. If you know of one, send them my way.

In addition to all of this, while I took mini breaks from all that walking, I also attended several mini seminars, presented by

Mel Kleiman of, I purchase some of his helpful guides,

Renee O’brein of,

Pam of (sorry Pam I didn’t get your last name in the paperwork that was handed out)

I am glad that I went, as crazy as it was, I felt inspired and rejuvenated and able to continue to put one foot in front of the other!

All the Best,


Shannon Lee Ann Miller

issa badge
badge info

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Why I love Bar Keepers Friend…


We love this stuff!!
              We love this stuff!!

Seriously, we have a for-real relationship. I would say that we have been together about 6 months now. And even though I have eyed Bar Keepers Friend at various other events and homes through out my travels. We actually never really connected, until a client of mine, introduced us.

You see, Bar Keepers Friend had a slight smell thing for me. But we have been able to work things out, which has been marvelous, because I now pre-wet the area that I am about to clean, therefore the smell does not permeate into the air!

And, honestly this really is a WOW Product! ( And no, I do not receive anything for promoting this particular product, I just happen to think that it does a wonderful job each and every time.)

According to the MSDS ( there is an under determinable amount of feldspar and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate in it. Which is basically the primary organic ingredient in most laundry detergents on the American Market.

So I could not honestly say that it’s 100% natural.

But, now when my crews go out into the field we bring a can with us where ever we go, just incase we need it.

We have tested it in deep cleans, move-outs, on those tough glass shower doors and we have also used it in our regular cleans as well.


And we all really do love it!!

The cleaning crew at Kastle Keeper Cleaning, Prescott, AZ -my fav employee's
The cleaning crew at Kastle Keeper Cleaning-my fav employee’s

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The 35.00 Rule and why I have one.

why it's important to have a 35.00 rule.
Each $35.00 increment can add up quickly




When I first started to do commercial properties, I was excited. I mean…who doesn’t get excited when landing a new account? But, way back when, in my zeal to be a better people pleaser, I just picked up commercial accounts like I was selecting oranges in the produce department at the grocery store. You know, how when find that one orange, that’s super sweet and yummy and then spend the rest of the season looking for another superior orange that’s super sweet and yummy?

Well, that first orange was how my very first commercial cleaning account treated me. I-loved-them-they-loved-me. So shortly after I began my relationship with my first commercial cleaning account, other commercial cleaning calls started to come in. And soon I had many, many commercial cleaning accounts.

Awesome, right?

Well, to be honest, there was a slight glitch with my plan and this was due to the fact that my first super sweet and yummy account was so awesome towards myself and my crew, I did not think to set up any boundaries (contract, rules or regulations) and soon my euphoria of having all those commercial accounts unravelled.

I quickly learned that due to this lack of very basic business acumen, all kinds of shenanigans ensued.

For example, every time the employee showed up to clean this newer commercial cleaning account, the kitchen sink was filled full of dirty dishes, sometimes the whole kitchen counter was covered in just plates, cups and silverware.

No biggie right?

But, all those dishes created to two immediate problems, as we all know that when you are bidding any commercial property, it based on the time it will take to do that particular job and what exactly the client is expecting the cleaning company to clean.

So having to wash all those nasty dishes, that sat all week long, added a bunch of time that it took to for the employee to do clean this property. And since there was not a janitorial sink at this location. Even if we chose to not wash all those dishes, they had to be moved out of the way, so that we could fill up the mop bucket to do the floors. This was very frustrating to say the least.

And let me say, that initially, I did not think that the employee’s if this particular location, did this “whole not washing the dishes thing,” to my employee as a malicious act, but because I did not address it immediately, doing those all those dishes was now expected and we were just a cleaning company in the hierarchy of things, if you get my drift. 🙂

So my very own naivety at thinking that everyone will operate their businesses the same, as in my very first commercial cleaning account, I inadvertently caused my first self-inflicted causality of these new accounts that I had acquired. Ultimately they did not pay me on time or in full. And they then dropped services entirely after I informed them that doing the dishes was not included in the initial bid.

Thus, the initial commercial cleaning contract was born and along with it came the now infamous $35.00 Rule.

On all of my commercial cleaning contracts, from that point forward, it stated the following:

“We will be more than happy to do the left over dishes in the sink from our last visit; however for doing this non-included item,there will be a 35.00 fee for each time we wash dishes at your location. We will just be added to your monthly bill which is due by the last day of the month.”

______Initial here that you understand that failure to wash said dishes prior to the arrival of said cleaning crew, you will be charged 35.00 for each dish washing occurrence accumulated during each billing cycle.

And this is how we take care of not having to wash the dishes 🙂