16 Tips to keep your home and yourself healthy this Winter…

                    16 Tips to keeping your home and yourself healthy this Winter. In the Bedroom-Wash your sheets weekly. This helps you not only feel better and who does not like clean sheets? Washing weekly helps to limit the about of accumulated cooties that have been embedded […]

The Day that I touched Pee…

Just realize…that…I…seriously…know that most of you won’t intentionally go out and touch pee, unless of course you are doing Urinalysis for a living. (Can you say drug test, maybe hundreds of them day in and day out. Who knows maybe it’s thousands?) Then and I am hoping only then you are going to touch pee […]

How to clean and organize your closet on a budget

closet organization

By Shannon Lee Ann Miller When we were looking to purchase a home, my very first request was that I would have a walk-in closet. LOL! I can certainly walk into this one but it’s pretty small for a walk in. It only measures 4×6. It’s also a traditional lay out. One shelf, up high, […]

To sponge or not to sponge….

To sponge or not to sponge…that is the question? Shannon Miller Kleanfreaksuniversity.com Perfectyourcleaningstyle.com Kastlekeepercleaning.com Today’s modern sponges, mostly synthetic in nature, did not take hold into American Culture until the late 60’s and early 70’s. One of many of my childhood recollections, as I always got stuck doing the dinner dishes, (my brother always had […]

Why going to at least one trade show and at least one seminar in your industry,per annual year is good for you…

Why going to at least one trade show and at least one seminar in your industry, per annual year is good for you… This year I was fortunate enough to attend the ISSA Interclean North America (https://www.issa.com,) September 11-14th, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had been wanting to attend for quite some time and […]

Why I love Bar Keepers Friend…

  Seriously, we have a for-real relationship. I would say that we have been together about 6 months now. And even though I have eyed Bar Keepers Friend at various other events and homes through out my travels. We actually never really connected, until a client of mine, introduced us. You see, Bar Keepers Friend […]

The 35.00 Rule and why I have one.

      When I first started to do commercial properties, I was excited. I mean…who doesn’t get excited when landing a new account? But, way back when, in my zeal to be a better people pleaser, I just picked up commercial accounts like I was selecting oranges in the produce department at the grocery […]