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closet organization

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Your most essential bathroom Kleaning Tool: The Squeegee

The very beginning...
The very beginning…dirtiest shower ever!


During the cleaning process...
Making progress…
The finished product.
The finished product:)


The photos above are The Before-During-After of a shower that we cleaned during a move out clean.

All you can think of is WOW. Oh. wow…Right?

After you get over the initial shock of seeing these photos  you might ponder these two questions.

1. How did this bathroom get the way?

These renter’s didn’t clean the bathroom the entire time that they lived in this rental home, (5 years).

2. What could I done to have prevented this from happening to me?

And…at the very least, those tenants could have to sprayed vinegar on the Shower Walls in each bathroom. Once in a while… But, enough with the would have could have method 🙂

Ta…Da…Let me introduce you to one of my favorite Bathroom Maintenance Tools…





The Squeegee!!!

Yes, I know that I am overly excited about this tool! But, I can’t help myself. It’s my fav.

I secretly know that when I go out on to bids and I see one of these, hanging out in the shower, having it’s own little party, I know that more than likely my potent-
tial new current client uses it and it’s going to make all of my employees lives easier.

Besides you can alway tell if they do in fact use this wonderful device because the shower glass is always clean. 🙂

I know. I know. You are thinking, oh-gosh, one more thing to have to do when I b-a-t-h! Not to worry, there is really no need to be perfect when you practice this new habit. Just get most of the water off the glass and your shower walls and the next time you go to clean your bathroom, your life will be way easier for you to scrub away all that grime. You see all that soap, shampoo, oil and such sticks to the walls then drys and eventually creates build up, which then crystalizes and becomes really hard second skin covering your shower glass doors and walls. I know that’s pretty yucky if you think about it.

So please do not wait 5 years to clean your bathroom, pick up a squeegee today.

Some tidbit of information about this invention that not only is convenient but happens to be so plentiful today…

This handy dandy single-blade window cleaning squeegee was invented in 1936 by Ettore Sceccone, and is still the most common form of commercial window cleaning today.

And just a side note that around here, in my neck of the woods, we have very hard water. It is said that the indigenous Indians got kidney stones from drinking all the water. Not sure if that is true or if it is just urban legend but as far as efficiency, I have to say that I love this particular model of squeegee. I happened to have purchased particular beauty on Amazon.

Here is the link: My Fav Squeegee

You are probably thinking why is she suggesting this particular model? I have found that if you are going to learn a new habit, this you should have the tool that you like to most to do that particular new habit. It makes you more likely to do it. And no I don’t get any royalties for you buying from them.

All the best,

Shannon Miller

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