16 Tips to keep your home and yourself healthy this Winter…


                    16 Tips to keeping your home and yourself healthy this Winter.

  1. In the Bedroom-Wash your sheets weekly. This helps you not only feel better and who does not like clean sheets? Washing weekly helps to limit the about of accumulated cooties that have been embedded to your sheets. 
  2. In the Bedroom-If possible use Pillow Case Covers and take off and wash weekly as well. 
  3. The whole house, room by room-Open your windows and air out your home. (If its not too cold, you can do this for 15 minutes. This is recommend to do this 1 time a week
  4. Sanitize your remote controls with a sanitizing wipes
  5. Sanitize your cel phone with alcohol wipes
  6. Sanitize your key boards on your computer with alcohol wipes. YOU will be surprised how dirty your keyboard actually is. 
  7. Kitchen-Use your dishwasher if you have one; this kills germs by the millions. Remember to throw the dishwasher pod into the bottom of dishwasher.
  8. Kitchen-Throughly cleaning your kitchen Sink. Your kitchen sink has more germs in it than your toilet! So do this weekly.
  9. Kitchen-Ice makers and water distribution areas should be washed at least weekly, if not monthly. Many times my employee’s go out on deep cleanings, and this area is slimy to the touch.
  10. Bathroom-If you don’t have time to clean your bathroom, pour liquid bleach inside to give it a quick cleaning. Carefully swirl around inside of bowl with toilet brush and flush (Do not do this if you are on septic!)
  11. Bathroom-change out your bathroom towels weekly. 
  12. Wipe off all high traffic areas with soap and water, do daily if someone is sick in the home. (Switch plates, Stair railings, door handles, backs of dinning room chairs)
  13. Cover your mouth when you sneeze and use hand sanitizer if you don’t have time to wash them. 
  14. Change out your tooth brush if you have been sick, don’t want to throw it out? Throw into dishwasher and wash. (Careful it could melt-Top Rack only)
  15. Take a probiotic and vitamin C daily. 
  16. If you are sick, stay home, the rest of us don’t want to catch your cooties. :

We do offer a sheet change service, if you are unable to get this important task done yourself. And we will be more than happy to get you on our schedule. 

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Many blessings,

Shannon Miller @ Kastlekeepercleaning.com


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