A facial like no other!!
5 Top Questions to ask when doing a Post Construction Cleaning

A facial like no other!!


A facial like no other!

Not to worry, I haven’t gotten all beautiful on you! At least not yet…

And your going to have to trust me on this one, it-really-is-cleaning-related. 


Did you know that the Taj Mahal is currently getting several mud type facial’s as we speak? 


Yes, I really did say facial. 

Incase you are unfamiliar with story, let me give you the mini-me cliff notes. 

Shah Jahan, A 17th century Mughal Emperor built the Mausoleum for his 3rd and favorite wife Mumbai Mahal as an act of love. It appears that she passed away in child birth. 

It seems only fitting that this mausoleum, something so beautiful would end up getting facials!

And it appears that facials are necessary as they give all that white marble to get back to its original luster. 

Unfortunately they built an oil refinery in a city next to the Taj Mahal and the air pollution from that oil refinery has settled all over the Taj Mahal. I’m told it is what is given the yellow sheen when viewing it up close. 

This iconic monument was officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1983 and attracts millions of visitors each year. 

So why the mud packs instead of regular cleaning with chemicals?

And regular chemicals can be harmful to the smooth finish of the marble and possibly etch the stone with frequent cleanings. So as with regular facials, you need someone who is gentle, kind and loving. Who is so into their craft to make something beautiful again 

So for the 4th time (1994, 2001, 2008 and 2017-work in progress) since its existence, The Taj Mahal is being cleaned by having a mud bath facial. 

The only difference this time,  is that they are doing the whole structure, that’s 34,596 square feet, not just the front dome and entrance. And if you really consider the math, it’s really larger than that if you add in all those nooks and crannies. So I  will be generous and say it’s 34, 596 times 2 or 3. Roughly 69,192-103,788 square feet. 

And as all of you know I really do have a different perspective on cleaning, ”how to’s or why’s,  or what they use to clean.” Sometime’s it just the regimen of what is cleaned and when. 

I found that this same method (mud-bath-facials) is used by women world wide to make their skin glow. Minus the soft nylon brush! 

They call the process. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth)

This is how they do it.

1. Mix Lime rich clay with rose water to form a paste

2. Spread 2 mm of clay mixture over surface in small sections

3. Let Dry overnight

4. Gently use nylon brush to remove mud. 

5. Rinse with distilled H20

6. Let Dry

I have always had the Taj Mahal on my bucket list. Maybe I will get to go and see it in person real soon!

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