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Hey, I’m Shannon Miller

Cleaning Business Owner for over a decade in the great state of Arizona, Cleaning Business Strategist and Cleaning Business Coach.

I teach other Cleaning Business Owners (CBO’s) how to run the back end of their businesses and not be run over by their businesses.

To date I have helped over 100 Cleaning Business Owners over come their challenges and become Mop Free! Can you say…..YAY?

As you may have already figured out it’s pretty easy to start your Cleaning Business. But staying in this Industry has many challenges.

Price plays into every decision you make. And you may not realize that you are under charging and wasting labor by running the wrong business model. You need to have proven systems in place so that you can leverage your competition. Market more efficiently for better ROI.

Knowing your margins and how much profit you should make from each and every job makes you more money ( so that you can actually give yourself a paycheck) but most importantly become a desirable employer. And when you become a desirable employer you become the highest paying cleaning company in your area. You can’t have a Cleaning Company without great employees.


For dipping your toe in the water and have become a full fledged Cleaning Business Owner (CBO.)

Be you. Be Successful. Today.

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