A very long time ago, when I was out cleaning ( sounds like my parents…when I went to school, I walked through the snow…LOL)

I had a client who I cleaned for. Her home was over 3000 square feet, two levels, 4 bodies, 4 big dogs and they were hard on their home. This was definitely not a home that you were walking around looking for dirt.

It was dirty every week.

She told me that it paid $45.00 a week and I took it. ( I did know any better and I wanted a weekly client:)

Not only was she cheap and picky. She was not a good client, she ended up not getting weekly cleanings as agreed, but every two weeks or so ( still 45.00 a visit) or every 3 weeks, which was even worse, still $45.00 a visit.

She always had an excuse as to why she could not have her home cleaned.

The last straw was when I just turned the corner to her cul de sac and my phone rang…”My friend is coming up from….I need to cancel…”

It was this moment that the birth of my cancellation policy was born. And I let her know that there would be no more cleaning from Shannon.

She then threatened to ruin my business as I was unprofessional towards her! This person is still in town and we still see each other. And I guarantee she never found another person to clean for $45.00 again!

FACT: The house cleaning industry is still the largest service industry in America, that does not have firm policies in place to start off on the right foot with your relationships with all your clients.

Having firm policies in place help you establish yourself above your competition.

It also saves you from headaches like the one explained above, and most importantly, it will also not allow people take advantage of you.

When people cancel at the last minute, you need to be able to recover that income you would have made on that cleaning. As you could have possibly been able to resell that spot to someone else. You only have so many spots on your schedule per day.

So start by having a cancellation policy as your first policy in place.

Ours is 48 hour cancellation policy. It is listed below verbatim. All you need to do is copy and paste.

We have a very stringent cancellation policy.

Each spot on our schedule is worth 325-350 or more.

Failure to cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled cleaning appointment will cause us to charge for the full estimated price that was given to you when you originally scheduled with us.

We do this not because we enjoy doing so but because our cleaning tech’s still deserve to get paid. ______Initial here.

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