As a cleaning business owner, one of the key decisions you’ll face is determining the optimal team size for your operations. Should you go Solo all the way, work with a partner or should you or your team lead run several teams of three, each approach offers unique advantages that can impact efficiency, quality of service, and overall business success. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of working as a solo cleaner, as part of a double (team of two), or within a triple cleaning team setting, helping you identify the right fit for your cleaning business.

Solo Cleaning: 

1 – Flexibility and Autonomy:

  • Working with the solo business model gives your cleaning business an advantage over your competition as your client’s will love having the same person (almost) each and every time. 
  • It will also help you expand your schedule for your clients so you in essence will be able to do double the business vs a team of two cleaners. 
  • The solo method is hands down the most profitable as Shannon has tried all 3 of them.
  • Your clients will have more “buy in”,  as they get familiar with your solo cleaning tech who knows their home which can help to foster more trust and loyalty. 
  • Clients may appreciate the consistency and familiarity of working with the same cleaner each time, leading to higher satisfaction and potential referrals.

Double (Team of Two) Cleaning:

1 – Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration:

  • Working as part of a double cleaning team enables you to divide tasks and tackle larger jobs more efficiently.
  • You typically will need teams of two for larger homes, deep cleanings, top to bottom cleanings and move out cleanings. 
  • It technically helps to split off the workload if you have one weaker cleaner paired up with a stronger more seasoned cleaner. 

2 – Safety and Support:

  • Having a partner provides an extra layer of safety, especially when working in unfamiliar or potentially hazardous environments.

Triple Cleaning Team:

1 – Increased Productivity and Specialization:

  • With three cleaners on a team, you can cover more ground in less time, maximizing productivity and throughput.
  • Each team member can specialize in specific tasks or areas, such as dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing, leading to a more thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

2 – Division of Labor and Cross-Training.

  • Tasks can be divided among team members based on individual strengths and preferences, ensuring a well-rounded approach to cleaning.
  • Cross-training allows team members to learn from each other and expand their skill sets, contributing to professional growth and development.
  • Typically teams of 3 can clean up to 6-8 homes per day.
  • You will also need to supply a company vehicle for them to drive around in
  • And in certain states you may be responsible for paying them, in between homes so please check with your location State for up to date employment labor laws.

Whether you choose to work solo, as part of a double cleaning team, or within a triple cleaning team setting, each approach offers its own set of benefits and considerations. By understanding the unique advantages of each team size and aligning them with your business goals, preferences, and client needs, you can optimize your cleaning operations for success. Remember, the key is to find the right balance between efficiency, collaboration, and client satisfaction, ultimately driving growth and profitability in your cleaning business.

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Which is best for your cleaning Business?